This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

February 26, 2009

I Heard *Her* Heartbeat!

Yesterday was our third doctor's appointment to get better acquainted with Baby W; this one was with a Nurse Practicioner (who was pretty darn cool!) and lasted for awhile. I was flying solo as Jason didn't get to go because of limited time off from work. That was a big bummer because this was the first time I got to hear the heartbeat- it was like a train! It made me very emotional- up until now, everything has been pretty surreal. It hasn't felt real (oh, except for during morning sickness of course!) because of the problems that we had concieving and the high probability of miscarriage within the first trimester. We are now at 12w4d- nearly out of the first trimester and out of the danger period. Now, it's finally beginning to feel like we are going to have a family soon (not soon enough- another 28 weeks to go!) and I can feel hope.

There's a high probability that Baby W is going to be PINK. I've felt all along that it would be a girl- and the NP said that due to the lack of 'boy parts,' and the very fast heartbeat that *she* is very healthy! Oh, and she's going to be a little dancer-positioned completly upside down inutero, she was doing some pretty fancy kicks! We won't be able to confirm until 20 weeks with the high-tech ultrasound that Baby W is a girl, but I can already feel it! Jason says not to get my hopes up, and not to be too disappointed if there are actually going to be little boy parts! He says healthy, I say PRINCESS! So everything looks good right now; I'm starting to feel a little bit better- the mornning sickness doesn't strike quite as much and I can eat just a bit more. Although I love my fresh fruit smoothies and cereal, I'm longing for some other food now!

I don't have the most current "baby picture" available, but the one from the last ultrasound on February 5th (9w2d). Once I can scan the other I'll post it! Well, it's almost bedtime (when isn't it??) so, I'm signing off for now.