This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

January 8, 2011

Say What?!?

If anyone ever tells you that toddlers are not smart; you better challenge them as to why they think that. Just because they are little and compact and have been on the earth for such a short time doesn’t mean a thing. Take Kiera (of course… you’re reading this blog, it’s got to be about her!!)- at a mere 16 months is probably a tad smarter than most people that I have to deal with on a regular basis, and her comedic timing is priceless. Not a day goes by that she doesn’t make my head spin with the things that she picks up (even the *S* word that Mommy accidentally spurted out when burning her hand on the cookie sheet). She is talking up a storm- I can’t believe how fast that she is learning and WHAT she is learning.
   Just last night she had Jason and I cracking up in the car. I love to play “Boo” with her when I’m driving- I turn around and say boo in a funny voice and enjoy watching her giggle. Over the holidays I decided to let her Daddy in on our secret little game since we were all together quite frequently. And last night on the way home from dinner I turned around to see if the lack of noise from the back seat meant that she had fallen asleep (fingers crossed) and in the cutest little voice she said, “BOO!” I wish that I would have had it on video- it was priceless. 
   There are then a few times where she even outsmarts me with her logic: the other night she accidentally scratched me. I said, “Ouch baby you scratched Mommy- time to cut your claws!” She looked at me and said, “Danta!” (which is toddler speak for the round man in the red velvet suit). “Santa,” I said puzzled. And then lightbulb- CLAUS is what she thought I meant- as in Santa Claus. That logic was amazing. And speaking of Santa, although his blow-up replica has been taken down from our front yard over a week, she ran out front on Thursday looking for him. Mind you that the lawn d├ęcor was not up for more than 10 days but she still remembered!  Like I said, just amazing!  I love it.
   And since we're on the subject of Pooh.... she was sitting in her high chair a few days ago and was in the process of starting to go... well pooh- but not as in Winnie- and she looked at us and said, "poo poo."  Although I do think that she is still a bit too young for potty training, the fact that she knows what that is will likely make our jobs somewhat easier. 
   Kiera has also learned several animals and their sounds- cow- mooo; dog- woof (she says it wa-ooof- love it!); owl- who; cat- meow and horse- heeee; as well as parts of her face- eyes, mouth, ears, and nose- which sound like ice, mouf, ers and nuh-nuh.  The latter she particularly likes to practice when she is trying not to fall asleep or just wakes up; she also is fascinated with pointing out when Mommy has a blemish on her nuh-nuh.....  so honest, I tell ya!
   I need to do some research on the learning curve of a toddler- or maybe not; for now I'll just be biased and think that she's a little prodigy.  I think this means that I also have my work cut out for me in trying to keep her stimulated; and we need to pad her college account just a teeny bit more for out-of-state tution to an Ivy League school.....

January 7, 2011

Help BabyK Win a Photo Shoot! Vote Before 8 p.m. Tonight Please!

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