This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

May 29, 2009

Shyner Dog, Part Five and First Bad Mommy Freakout

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"I can't believe I ate...the... whole... thing..."

So, my sweet little first born doggie: AKA: Princess Conehead (that was from ear surgery. each. ear. surgery.!); Stinky; Shynnie Shyn; the Scavanger... yes, the Scavanger. Despite her petite 34# frame, she has a tendency to take off a finger or two during treat time! And she also thinks that everything left at her level is yummy. (The package of tissue paper 'snow' was very fun to clean up.) Always has- that's when I first knew Jason was a keeper-Shyner got into a box of chocolate-covered cherries and ate the entire thing- and then decorated my nice white carpet- but he helped me clean it up! ( ;

On Wednesday, I was running late for work and didn't pick up the bottle of medicine on the ground. "It's medicine, in a child-proof bottle that I have a hard time opening with my opposoble thumbs!/ I have to smear peanutbutter on it to administer it to Shyner anyways/ Oh, it hurts to bend over..." Big Mistake. Very Expensive Big Mistake. Poor Furbaby. Poorer Parents, literally. Don't remind me, I feel bad enough as it is. Thanks.

It's now 5:30 p.m. and Jason calls me and wants to know how many pills were in the bottle- I don't freakin' know- I'm not there! Why? There are piles of puppy purge everywhere and an EMPTY bottle with the lid chewed off in the middle of the living room. Ugh. This is also the $75 bottle of Vetmedin- her heart medicine. I get home a few minutes later to less of a mess than he did (thank you, honey!) and immediately called the vet from the VIP Batphone which we have a personal number to because we are such great customers. HA HA. Of the three medicines that she is taking, this is the one that is extremely toxic in any doses other than the prescribed one- which is 1/2 a pill, twice a day. I deduced that she ate, oh, about 25!!!!!!! So I rush her off to the 24-hr emergency vet that is 15 miles away during the height of rush hour. (Did I mention that being pregnant makes my blood boil when I drive?) Oh the way there she is shaking and having a hard time breathing. DogMom is crying. It's not a good scene.

Once I get to the vet, they take her back and I wait, and wait. The vet, who is super sweet, comes out and says that she has to call Animal Poison Control and needs my credit card for the $85 consult that APC charges. Lovely. It takes over an hour for the evaluation before the vet comes out to tell me that she's sick. DUH. Well, that's how I translated it- I was upset, and I'm nearly 6-1/2 months pregnant (= emotional!) so I couldn't really tell you what she said. "Heart pumping faster, blah, blah, constricting blood vessels, yada yada, IV, charcoal...overnight stay.... $$$$$$" I had Jason call her back when I was on my way home so he could here the verdict straight from her. Basically: she's a senior dog with a bad heart- if she makes it through the night- which is very, very likely because she apparently ate the pills earlier and had passed the four hour peak of the effects- she'll be fine. (I think she had a really good trip for lunch!) Needless to say it was still very upsetting and I feel totally guilty for it (will I be a bad mom? wait, don't answer that...) and we are much, much lighter in our bank account (this is on top of the $700 or $800 we just spent on her 30 days ago. Ugh.). I didn't sleep very well on Wednesay night- it was a bad day (thank you Lakers for winning so at least Jason could have some happiness... did I really just say that?). Shyner is just fine. She is a very, very strong pup with a big heart and a strong will to live! She's spoiled and knows it! She's also very priceless- really priceless- I shudder when I try to add it up, so just take my word for it!

Moral of the story: Slow down; if pets or kids think it looks like fun and probably know they shouldn't get into 'it,' they will, so put it away... okay, maybe I will be a good mom......

Tackling the Home Projects

Wow- we’re almost down to the double-digit countdown! 14 weeks may sound like a lot of time before BabyW arrives, but there is so much to do still….. and I, of course, think that it all has to be done yesterday.... breathe, Carol, breathe! (Maybe Lamaze would come in handy now??) And to reference the time necessary: it’s taken over two weeks just to get the baby’s room cleaned out to a point where we can walk through it. Hey- it was a spare room with a closed door- a perfect hiding place for seasonal clothes, craft supplies, luggage…etc. and there was a futon and some random furniture in there too under the piles. My hubby said he's never seen the floor in there- ha ha! Well, like I said: closed door= out of sight, out of mind! But with the baby’s rapidly approching arrival it was finally the time to tackle it (read: before I get too puffy and uncomfy).

Mind you that this project wasn't just cleaning, it also spilled into other rooms as well- we had to organize the garage (Thank goodness that Mom (and her friend Shirley) was here when we first cleaned the garage- it was a project in itself that required several people who worked for beer and pizza!) to make room for some of the stuff, as well as find a way to turn the downstairs office into the “office/craft room.” But beyond the nursery door loomed a monster that was going to be hard to tame… it started back in March with preparing for the annual yard sale… and it’s time to finish. So instead of using every single waking weekend hour, Jason and I instituted a “45-minutes a day” rule to try to tackle the projects. Most days we are really good about checking this off the to-do list and it’s helping!

The office required another solution on its own- the closet was a boring closet that lacked adequate storage space for everything that I couldn’t quite part with. With a trip (er, several- you know that a DIY project never requires just one trip to the HD) to Home Depot for a modular system and a full weeks’ worth of work, we now have a very efficient room that we are proud of! And I’m totally excited because I can actually do my crafts again (beading, stamping and scrap booking- well, card making. I’m soon to have THE best reason to start scrap booking though!) and play with my Cricut Expression! YAY! BFF Leah came over yesterday to inspect the project and gave it her seal of approval- especially impressed that things were even labeled! Um, if I don’t write things down now, the baby brain automatically deletes them! Besides I figure the more organized I am before BabyW joins us, the better off I will be.

(I just had to share the "after" picture!
I'm too embarrassed to show you the before
picture though, so just use your imagination!)

Now, we are finally on to stage five (out of 6? 10? Huh?) we just have to finish the master closet to get the rest of the miscellany (shoes & purses!) out of the baby’s room- see, told you it was overwhelming! I’m hoping that this weekend we will get to paint the future nursery- and that most likely also means the hallway and guest bathroom! The last major project then will be to paint and rearrange our bedroom… and… and… it’s never-ending, but I have that “nesting” urge and want to get it all done. Well, see. Hey, it's not just me--- there are some of my virtual peeps that are also due in September that have their nurseries completely done and even the cute little clothes hung in the closet. I’m behind the curve on that one- we haven’t even picked out the furniture yet. Oh but just wait until we have to put together the baby furniture- that should be interesting- perhaps our next blog video. LOL! Happy Friday!

May 26, 2009

Shopping While Pregnant Can Be Dangerous to Your Health...

It’s happened…. I knew it would, but that didn’t cushion the shock any less. I put on my favorite pair of denim shorts (to enjoy the toasty weather...of course I do have to say that the fact that we've had two days that were over 100 degrees in mid-May is not very comforting for someone that is going to go through high summer in their third trimester!) and I couldn’t fasten them- at all! The old rubber band in the button trick didn’t even work. Well, I could but breathing was completely optional then…. I’ve been able to wear most of my pre-preggo wardrobe up until now and have enjoyed “trying” out new maternity clothes (Mom says: “you’ll get sick of those soon enough, you should avoid them while you can.” Smart woman- hope BabyW takes after her!) From here on out, I have a feeling that my daily outfits will consist of those clothes that can fit my growing (and growing…) tummy. At least those clothes are cute, but I have to agree with mom at this point that I will be happy to ditch the maternity clothes soon enough. I read somewhere along the way (while I was still reading the pregnancy books- more about that later!) that you should just box up all of your ‘regular’ clothes and revisit them about four months after the baby is born. I’ve done that with most of my seasonal clothes in preparation for BabyW’s arrival. (The baby’s room is going to be in the room that was formerly another walk-in closet/ catch-all room since we moved into this house) But I wasn’t prepared to do that with the rest of my wardrobe; and my dear hubby would have to say that I am the Immelda Marcos of the clothes world. I love a good deal and hardly pay full price, but I never quite grasped that concept of the “one in, one out rule” with my purchases!

So this little run-in with my shorts…. I swear I didn’t shed a tear. Or even throw a pregzilla tantrum! It did mean one thing… shopping for shorts! To any normal woman, a shopping trip might be fun, but add on a few extra inches and hormones, and it’s a crisis. I couldn’t go for the maternity shorts though; the ‘secret hidden panels’ that really aren’t so hidden or secret are made out of polyester and is scratchy. Not to mention, if you throw bridal/wedding or maternity in front of anything in the retail world, it automatically jacks the price up 30%! I was on the hunt for cotton shorts with a stretchy draw-string waistband… I bought a pair at Kohl’s but after wearing them once, they definitely won’t fit the bill for the rest of the hot summer. So here comes the scavenger hunt: Old Navy- nope; Target- nope; Ross- uh-huh; same with Marshall’s, Wal-mart, or Gap. Aargh! You would think that I was looking for a freakin’ Christmas Tree in June! In comes the rescue call from BFF- Lane Bryant- duh! I’ve been shopping there for years! Thankfully there is a Lane Bryant outlet near my work and I finally found some that will work. Crisis averted.

Oh, I won’t even tell you how hard it was to find flat sandals for work- everything has a 2” heel right now. Like I said, shopping is not quite so fun when you’re pregnant unless it’s for baby clothes, but I’m so banned from that right now. BabyW already has three large storage tubs full of clothes- the kid is still in the womb and she’s better dressed that I am! ( :

<--- See, what looks "secret" about that panel? Ugh.

May 21, 2009

Dream Interpretation

I'm going through another one of my insomnia stages- last night I awoke at 5 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep and then at 3 a.m. the night prior. Sometimes the dogs wake me up (have you ever heard a dog, make that two dogs, snore and shake the walls???); sometimes BabyW is kicking; my back hurts; I get a leg cramp (yes, I'm eating bananas- but those mothers hurt!); or the usual potty shuffle. Most of the time, I can go back to sleep right away, but the past few nights no. I'm thinking it's because I have a huge project at work right now, the baby is getting bigger and I'm just generally uncomfortable- already.

I fell asleep on the couch while reading Patterson's newest novel (it's really good, but sleep prevails!) and had a bizarre dream: There was a huge orange snake in the bathtub! I called the hubby to come and get it- despite the fact that he hates snakes- and tried to keep Mr. Jenxie from 'playing' with the slithering, hissing creature. So Jason comes in and is more worried about the mouse that is also in the tub- not a pet mouse, just a mouse. So he grabs the mouse; and then the snake. But not by the head, so it's trying to bite me- it misses twice and the third time, it gets my soft and comfy PJs and..... I wake up.....

so I open Internet Explorer today and my iGoogle page's horoscope says: You may wake up from one of those really strange dreams where everything appears so vivid, yet it seems to make no sense, however you try to interpret it. If you are reminded of the nonsensical symbols during the day when something odd happens, it instantaneously brings the entire sequence back into awareness. Don't try to force meaning onto the mysterious messages from your subconscious. They will work their magic if you simply remember them.

Apparently, odd and vivid dreams are yet another side effect of pregnancy! This isn't the first one of this dreams that I've had, just the most recent, but others that I remember have been weird or scary! So, I can't just let this one go, so what does it mean? The internet is so cool- you can find anything- so I found a dream dictionary and here's what some of the symbols mean:

"To see a snake or be bitten by one in your dream signifies hidden fears and worries that are threatening you. Your dream may be alerting you to something in your waking life that you are not aware of or that has not yet surfaced. As a positive symbol, snakes represent healing, transformation, knowledge and wisdom. It is indicative of self-renewal and positive changes."

"To see a mouse in your dream indicates fear, meekness, insignificance and a lack of assertiveness. You are experiencing feelings of inadequacy and fears that you are not measuring up. The dream may also be telling you that you are spending too much time hiding in the shadows. Alternatively, it may symbolize minor irritations and annoyances. The dream may also be a pun on a computer mouse and your connection to work or to the virtual world."

How Odd! I was having an e-mail exchange with my friend Jennifer about not knowing the first thing about taking care of a newborn recently; I also had a recent pregzilla freak-out about not being a good mom. I went to bed pregzilla annoyed with dear hubby. Makes perfect sense! On the other hand, I like the reference to the positive changes- BabyW is definitely that! ( : Also, the connection to the virtual world- my fascination with blogging, Twitter and the very reason why hubby and I are together (we met on-line through a dating website nearly 10 years ago, thanks to some urging from my step-momster, GrammaL)! Very interesting, and problem solved. I can go on with my day now.... lol.

Preggers Chick

May 15, 2009

Love at First Site

It's Friday, so we're going for a bonus post! ( ;

Our little BabyW already means so much to us so I made a little tribute video of her so far to 23weeks. I can't believe that she will be here in just under four months- but don't remind me of that or I might start hyperventilating! Hope that you enjoy:

(Oh, it might just be my emotional side, but don't say I didn't warn you to grab a tissue!!!)

BabyW's First Friends!

So my child is going to be the smartest baby ever. HA! Well, with Daddy's looks, and Mommy's brains.... a little Friday funny for you! No, really. My friend Paige came to my office the other day and brought her 4-month old precious daughter Penelope to come say hi. Paige (along with the rest of our family and friends, of course!) is so excited for us and we know that BabyW and Penelope will grow up to be good friends! (Along with Stella and Aaliyah too, and then we'll have Grayson to stick up for all of us!) Paige came before lunch when BabyW is usually napping; but I swear as soon as she heard Penelope 'talking' she knew she had company, she got all excited and was moving and kicking! I'm serious.... she loved the company! And then yesterday, I met up with BFF "Auntie Leah" and Baby Grayson and the kid started moving around again when Grayson's was chattering to us! And in the morning when Daddy wakes up all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (not my trait...) at the crack of dawn and starts talking, BabyW gets excited and starts moving! (I can tell already that she's going to be a morning person......) I on the otherhand can barely manage a descernable 'uh-huh' or 'ugh' prior to 7 a.m.!

There's talk that babies can start recognizing voices and sounds as early as 30 weeks- but I think BabyW is already doing it! And she definately doesn't like the vacuum either! ( : I just thought this little Fun with BabyW was neat and worth sharing!

Also, it's a great chance to show off my BFF's little peanut- Grayson. Grayson debuted last year on August 26th and he's a doll (see for yourself!!) He also loves Auntie Pregnant Chick (maybe it's the preggers-sized tata's?) so how can I not love him back? I took this picture yesterday. No autographs please! ( :

Happy Friday Everyone- have a great weekend. It's only supposed to hit 100 degrees here this weekend.....

May 14, 2009

All's Well in BabyW Land!

Today’s OB appointment was without incident- despite my fear of the scale! This one was with my OB (every other appointment is with a Nurse Practitioner)- both of which I love. I have to admit that I was not so pleased with his lack of concern of our fertility issues, but he’s a ‘by the book’ kind of doc; however with our last and thank goodness, final miscarriage, he went out and talked to Jason and personally called to check on me the next day. I was impressed by that. Other than his insistence that I was to not gain any weight with the pregnancy, we like his personality and bedside manner very much.

Because everything is progressing smoothly, I’m relieved to have avoided the dreaded stirrups or lab tests this visit! I will have to go and do a glucose test in a few weeks and hope that my sugar levels are still good.
The fear of the scale was moot- doc even added that I’ve lost about four pounds since my last visit. That was a shock since I’ve nearly single-handedly polished off a whole lemon meringue pie within the last week, and dinner last night was very diet friendly (ha!) Mizithra Cheese and Butter from the Spaghetti Factory. Well, how can we resist their 40% off anniversary prices on Tuesday’s???

BabyW was in a feisty mood today; especially active after the doctor’s appointment- showoff! Her heartbeat was 149- good and normal and her average for each time we’ve gotten to hear it. They gave me a card to start recording her movements beginning at 28 weeks. I think that we could start that now! I’m happy to say (knock on wood!) that the pregnancy is so far uneventful and healthy- the only downside to that is we won’t get to see anymore ‘medically necessary’ pictures of BabyW. We are going to do the 3D ultrasound after 28 weeks (mid-June) so don’t fret, she will still make at least one more appearance before her arrival in early September!
The next regular appointment is another 3 weeks, and then we have classes. Oh, do we have classes! We had to take a few to get pregnant during fertility; and then an early pregnancy class; and at least three more before the end of July. I have to take more classes to have this little baby girl than I did to get my degree! I like to make the best of every situation, so they will probably be interesting; and they’re mostly free. Actually most of the prenatal appointments have been (thank you health insurance!) free….

We rounded out the evening by finishing the registry at Target (more free schwag at Target- an itty bitty diaper; samples and such. Love FREE(, book shopping- I love book stores; and starting to put a dent in the pile ‘o stuff that is in my former ‘walk-in closet” now the baby’s room! Oh, yes, this is where we got to try out SpaceBags- and the jury is still out. If they have still not expanded in the a.m., I’ll be satisfied…..

I’ll sign off with updated information about Shyner dog- she had a visit to the vet yesterday (and got a bit spoiled with a picnic in the park with mom and dad!) and was given a clean bill of health. As clean as our little old and stinky girl can get! She will remain on medicine for the rest of her little life; but if not for the coughing and wheezing that brought her into the vet, she wouldn’t have the medicine to help her stay healthy for whatever time she’ll be here! Your positive thoughts worked! ( :

May 12, 2009

My "First" Mother's Day and Shopping Fun with BabyW

I’m pregnant! No sh!@? Last week, I woke up and looked in the mirror and I suddenly “look” pregnant. I guess at six months, that’s a good thing developmental wise, but a bit harder to take as far as the more pronounced girth is concerned. (I’m amazed to find that I'm still fitting into a lot of my former clothes; however those are the ones that are from my fluffier days!) Oh, did I mention that I’ve had four people comment on my “belly” in the last two days. Um, do you know that telling a pregnant woman- no matter how politely you try to word it- that she’s beginning to look like a manatee is just not cool? As long as you aren’t in legs’ length so I can kick you, you might be okay, but I can’t promise that I won’t comment on your badonkadonk when you walk away.

So, about that “belly”- it’s obvious that BabyW is developing quite nicely. At 24 weeks, she is likely around 1.3 lbs and about 12 inches long and has a fully developed body. She’s forming taste buds (actually I believe that she’s had those since day one and passed the good fortune on to me!); and is practicing breathing. And she already has quite the personality; oh and she’s a shopper already! Today at Bath and Body Works, it seemed like she squirmed when I was sniffing the scents, she really moved at one in particular. I wasn’t sure if that was a good or bad thing, so I moved right along… kinda funny! Every purchase of late has been chosen by BabyW- I have to say that she is as bargain minded as her mommy (two Coach purses for under $200 <yes, they’re real, the Coach Outlet has an “As Is” bin that rocks!>, six maternity tanks and a pair of capris for under $1 and a new source for my Cricut cartridges for under $30!) Score! Retail therapy definately helps alleviate pregnancy symptoms! ( :

So, Sunday was “sortof” my first Mother’s Day- and BabyW and Daddy ensured that I had a pretty relaxing day- the farmer’s market, chillin’ in the sun, and food…. Except I did have to hear ranting and raving due to both the Dodgers and the Lakers both losing (a present in disguise? LOL) The gifts? The new Patterson book and the most adorable card and a $50 Tar-shay gift card with a note especially from BabyW that said she was sorry for all of the kicking and dancing and that she would give me the day off and knew I would spend part of the g/c on her! ( : Smart kid- she must take after me in that respect! I can’t wait until next year when we get to take official Mommy's Day pictures with three generations! ( :

Actually, I can’t wait to meet her period. I never thought I would enjoy being pregnant, but I can say that the past few weeks have been great- I think until I start getting bigger, it won’t be so bad. The first 15 weeks definitely sucked, and I’m assuming that the last month or so will be uncomfortable, but the end result will be so wonderful. I washed the first load of baby clothes last night; Jason came in and I had to explain why doing the laundry was making me cry! The baby detergent stung my eyes- wink! No, it felt very surreal, after so long of waiting for this baby, it seems like just another milestone. Although, I’m sure in two years, I’ll be crying in frustration at the endless load of her clothes, but oh well! Oh yeah- she’s not even here yet and she has a better wardrobe than me! ( ;
Speaking of laundry… it beckons…. I’ll report back tomorrow after our next OB appointment! Cheers- Preggers Chick

May 6, 2009

Food Fun with BabyW

Is there such a thing as 7/8th’s vegetarian? If so, sign me up. I can’t say that I’m a 100% veggieasaurus, but meat definitely is not my cup of tea these days thanks in part to BabyW. Now mind you that I wasn’t a terribly picky eater PP (pre-prego chick) but I did have my likes and dislikes- mashed potatoes & gravy, pasta, Peeps, and a daily shot of caffeine rank high on my faves list while onions, pizza and liver (duh!) are on my icky list. The hormones and daily changes as the result of hatching BabyW has now made me a very finicky eater!

For the first 15 weeks, I can say that coffee turned my stomach- good for the development of baby and the budget without a daily run to the local Starbizuck’s (but now I have returned to regular dosings of my favorite Medium Non-fat Sugar-free Vanilla Latte, especially from Peet’s!). Okay peanut gallery- pipe down! The doctor says 100mg or under of caffeine is okay… my drink is certainly under that and I limit all other sources… so there. Besides, have you ever seen me without my coffee???

I digress. I no longer have morning sickness (although when driving by an In-N-Out, I have strong recollections of Weeks 6-15) but finding a food that appeals to BabyW is a challenge. My appetite is increasing- not to those levels yet that I hear pregnant women are usually famous for- but enough that it takes more than smoothies and Sugar Smacks to sustain us. And to add to the challenge- what sounded good when I ordered it at the restaurant, is no longer the power pellet of choice once it arrives to the table. Hence the half-eaten Cheesecake Factory salad in my fridge. It’s also hard to manage a well-balanced diet. Thank goodness that I still crave healthy things… the half bag of gourmet caramel corn and carrot sticks that BabyW had for lunch yesterday were certainly a lifesaver! And PP, I loved cooking, but can you imagine how fun it is too cook in this state? Who ever came up with that label "barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen" was clearly delirious. Bless you dear husband for surviving these non-cooking days (kinda reminds you of when we were dating, huh?) ( ;

Mom offered to cook my birthday dinner last week of my favorite chicken-fried steak, mashed taters and gravy and etc. Then as BabyW not-so-gently bumped around, I was reminded that it might not be a good idea. So I placed an order of beef stroganoff- at least I could pick around the meat- I managed to eat about two chunks of meat (see? 7/8ths veggiesaurus) before I started Plan B. At least everyone else enjoyed the stroganoff! ( :
The week prior we went to Benihana’s which ranks high on the list of special occasion restaurants and I LOVE their fried rice. YUM. Usually I order filet mignon- um, the veggie delite just pales in comparison. But it was fun watching it steam on the grill while the big old bubble inflated as it cooked. Definitely not worth the price. I nibbled on a bit of Jason’s filet, and it wasn’t so appealing this time (thanks, BabyW), neither were mushrooms, which I formerly loved…. but the rice…. Did I mention the rice?

So, what's for lunch today... no telling, but I do have a feeling that it won't consist of meat (Veggie sandwiches rankshigh on my food list now) and I'm sure this child is going to come out with a sweet tooth like nobody’s business! (That is definately from Daddy!)

May 2, 2009

Dear Blog: Even Mommy Author Pregnant Chicks Can Have a Vacation!

I believe this is a first- I've been called out by my 'anonymous' blog because I've been missed... somehow I think that the blog's initials might be KL... but that's just a hunch.... I decided to take a little vacation from writing; not for lack of material but GrammaH (aka "Mom") was visiting for two weeks. We were busy, ahem.... she, was busy cleaning and organizing and of course, cooking (my dear hubby was so excited to taste home cooked food again- I've been averaging cooking about once every three weeks! ) ( : My otherwise free time was spent as quality time with Mom- much needed! And now without further delay, I'm back!

The last few weeks have been without 'suffering' pregnancy symptoms- I feel great in fact. I've been told by a few people that pregnancy becomes me- um, okay, thanks-I think? I have a bit more energy, headaches are far and few between, and my appetite is slowly returning.... although BabyW really tends to lean towards the carbs! BabyW is actually developing quite the personality and is extraordinarily active- and thank goodness, not just at 3 a.m. anymore! This past week she has tried out for the Rockettes, won a wrestling match with my kidneys, has perfected a gold medal trampoline act performed on my bladder and decided that she likes soccer. I think she might be going through a little growth spurt as it seems thats when I get tired. I officially am beginning to look pregnant and at 5-1/2 months I guess I shouldn't be complaining! Although I'm still in my regular clothes, that hasn't prevented me from buying some cute maternity clothes! I'm still relatively comfortable but am losing my full range of motion when it comes to bending; sometimes I do have a hard time getting comfortable sleeping though. We're over the half-way mark! ( :

I know that all of you BabyW fans have been waiting for updated pictures, and I'm happy to oblige! Here are a few choice shots from our ultrasound on April 23rd. Again, they confirmed that she's a girl! If not, the crib bedding choice and all of the adorable clothes are going to cause a little problem! Nitey nite blog world- it's past my bedtime (10 p.m. on a Saturday... and to think all of those spring chickens are just going out.... like me in a former life- LOL!)