This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

January 21, 2012

Sham-WHAT?? Or... Coffee Talk with MiniLatte

It seems like many, many moons ago that MiniLatte finally said her first word.... and it has been non-stop fun since (especially that time in one of my fave stores when she clearly swore- {rhymes with pod bam-it} after dropping my sun glasses-- and yes, I did enjoy this week's Modern Family episode when Lilly dropped an F*bomb-- I can resemble relate....). I've really enjoyed hearing her vocabularly blossom and often shake my head in disbelief- or wonderment--- I don't think I taught her that word.... not that word--- just words... must be Dora.  Seriously- she's only 2-1/2ish and can put full sentences together better than I can especially before my a.m. caffeine injection skinny latte.  There's this one particular word that she says that makes me giggle like a teenager.  Call me silly, but it's kinda funny:

Okay, what's this?

Take a guess?

No, it's not Buzz Wite-weer Soap.... it's shampooP....... or maybe PampooP- either way, it makes me giggle.

And let's not forget about the puter (laptop) or the washcar (carwash)--- or perhaps 4 a.m. conversations, for no reason at all:

"Daddy's name is Jason

This is my tinker bell baby- It's mine (baby= blanket)
I'm not sleeping
Hi mamma. Gives me a hug
Daddy use this Dora baby
It's not dark anymore-
        no, honey, it is dark and you need to go back to sleep
Patting my arm....You're not wearing a dress.
        No cuz its night night time.
You're not wearing a sweater.
        No I'm wearing my pjs
You have a pink shirt.... Eeyore (I'm wearing Eeyore pants)
Where's Ariel she's not on the tv....
        No she's on the DVD player.
Get it.
        Ariel sleeps at 4 am.
Wake her up
Hi mamma. Another hug
You got a pillow. Twelve-teen pillows... 1-2-3-4.....
I want some milk....

AntiLatte gives in and takes her downstairs because I had an early meeting... Walking down the hall. We're going downstairs so mommy can get some sleep since you're not going to sleeep... Yep....    And she proceeds to have her 4 am party.... I'm really tired but can't help but laugh at her randomness or the fact that she can put together a sentence without coffee... it's only because she's so damn cute that she gets away with it too!

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  1. Are those 4am convos not the best???? Yeah - it's 3:38am right now...I'm up. On a Sunday. Why? Because Aaliyah wants to chit chat. And bring daddy her Elmo so that HE can finish sleeping. Ha! Good Morning Kiera. ;)

    Great read. I love this age so much. The vocabulary that they pull out is awesome...until they drop the f-bomb. Yep - Aaliyah did that the other day. Ooops.

    Thanks for a 3am giggle!


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