This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

August 4, 2010

Fun with Baby Kiera- "Kiss the Baby"

Our sweet girl loves giving kisses-  to inanimate objects and stuffed animals!! Her family, on the other hand, definately has to work for kisses from Kiera!  Mommy finally thought to grab her trusty FlipCam Slide (luv it!) and actually shoot a video.  And I have to say that I'm proud of myself for getting it off of the camera within a day- yay Mommy! 

Kiera obviously loooooves other kids- she squeals with delight upon first sight of any random child when we are out in public.  And even in pictures, she is enamored (wish I would have captured the one of her and the mirror!) and then  her other favorite thing (next to food) is our cat, Dusty.  He helps keep the peace when we have a fussy girl.  Watch her react to both in this cute (so I'm biased!) little clip:

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