This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

June 15, 2009

28 Weeks Down....

My personal soundtrack is playing the Star Wars theme and rolling the starting credits…. Today marks the beginning of the end. The start of the third trimester of the pregnancy- 28 weeks down- 12 to go (so ‘they’ say… could be less (we wish) or more… ugh) and the end of our lives as we knew it…. Jason and I are excited to soon become a family. Not that we weren’t a family before, but now we’ll be parents. It’s so exciting, so… new, so… intimidating! I will be the first one to admit that I don’t know ‘nuthin’ bout birth an’ babies’ (uhh, is it movie night in my brain??) and the classes that I was so quick to complain about having to go to will probably very helpful! As will all of my Mommyhood friends….. and they are on speed dial!

Right now I will just say that ignorance is bliss- which is the same reason why I quit reading most of the pregnancy books. Although I am far from a hypochondriac, I was expecting the worst to happen every time I turned around thanks to the information overload provided therein. Pregnancy on its own is enough to stress you out- adding in all of the potential problems is what makes you so emotional! If there was anything going on that was questionable, I either sent a message through webmail to my OB or did a quick internet search on reliable medical sites. I have to say that I feel very, very blessed to have had a healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy up to this point aside from random symptoms here and there! I would much rather go through each day feeling as normal as possible then wonder if each twinge and pain is a red flag danger sign. Coping with this weeks’ onset of sleeplessness, heartburn (never had it before in my life!) and bitty bladder is hard enough…

I want to just enjoy the time I have left to wonder about how my daughter is going to look and act and grow. And actually enjoy the dancing/ gymnastics/ soccer game/ open house that is taking place in my womb without a view. (Sorry, Daddy- it’s NOT a celebration party for your Lakers… BabyW is a Kings fan!) I’m going to tell her all about those times that she kicked me so hard that she made my eyes water- seriously. And how she seems to know when Daddy is nearby- even just on the phone! Speaking of wondering… we’ll get to see a sneak preview of BabyW on Saturday- we are going to get a 3D/4D ultrasound done- just in time for Father’s Day! Don’t worry, I will post the details as soon as I can! Until then, I might be scarce; I have our annual charity golf tournament at work on Thursday, and it is a huge time consuming project for me. (Hence the lack of blogs and tweets with the past few weeks!) I’m counting down the days until then so I can relax a little, but maybe it’s a good distraction from being excited to ‘see’ BabyW in the ultrasound on Saturday!

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