This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

June 2, 2009

Fun with the Parents

Random phone call from my Mom on Saturday:

ME: "Hi Mom!"

Her: “What am I going to be called?” Note: Um, Hi! is applicable here!

...Um... "Mom?”

No, I mean what will the baby call me?

What do you want to be called?

Well, she is going to have three grandmas, so what am I going to be called?

Well, I have a choice name for you but it won’t sound very cute out of the mouth of an infant. TeeHee.

Very funny.

Well, you tell me what you want to be called and call me back when you think of it….

That was Saturday and she hasn’t called me back yet. LOL!

And let's not forget the phone call to Jason from his Mom: “How’s BabyW? I mean how are Carol & BabyW?” LOL.

Sunday: As GrandmaL informs my Dad that we’re coming over for dinner on Sunday: “Oh good, we get to see the baby!” Forget the walking petri dish that is hatching BabyW.... LOL

But the best? Not from the parents but from some random stranger in Starbuck's that should be worrying about more important things than my baby bump...

"When are you due?
(I should have just said that I was fluffy and not pregnant...)

Oh, early September!

"Wow- congratulations!

"Thank you!"

Do you think that you should be drinking that coffee?

"Actually, it's a Frappacino, and you shouldn't be so worried about the caffeine, but instead the Bailey's that I'm going to put in it when I get to my car......"

If I were a smoker, I would have lit one up as soon as I got out the door. Stupid arse people, mind your own business.

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