This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

June 2, 2009

OMG- I've Been Preggers for Half a Year!!!!

Wow. What a thought. Today's post is completely random- but that's why I call it random musings....

Taurus Horoscope for Today on iGoogle: “It's tough for you to overcome the inertia of being at rest (read: Pregnant!), so you may get off to a very slow start today.” Oh you have no idea. We (me + BabyW, as it’s all about her now….LOL) have hit another patch of fatigue. Even in my college days where my motto, “You can sleep when you’re dead” applied have I been as tired as I’ve felt the past two days.... that is until I get to experience the first few months after BabyW’s arrival as Leah, Jenn and Paige have informed me (hey, good friends don’t sugar-coat it!) The fatigue has also been accompanied by another new symptom- fleas. Just kidding- but it feels like it. My legs itch like crazy and when that strikes along with my nerves falling asleep, it’s a very strange feeling, or should I say, lack there of! But I think I found some temporary relief in Bath & Body Work’s “Shea Butter.” Although it reminds me of Crisco, it’s been four hours without so much as a little itch! Unfortunately the jar is almost empty- damn- looks like I’ll have to go there tonight… and a little birdie told me that it’s the semi-annual sale. (Hi, Honey! LOL) Now, if only I could get BabyW to shift to the right so my left leg quits falling asleep!

I had to take the mid-point glucose tolerance test over the weekend. It seems like I did
this not too long ago but my OB is extra careful about me developing gestational diabetes. Any level over 140 means that you have to take the 3-hour test and then get put on a bland diet. With the baby’s cravings for popcorn, M&M’s, choco-covered raisins and Milk Duds at Saturday’s movie (hey, we shared with Jason!) Sunday was probably not the optimal time to take the test, but it had to be done. We go to the closest lab to our house- and the crotchety lady says they don’t do prenatal glucose over the weekend there as they don’t have medical staff- I guess “any” lab is subjective then. Thanks for making a hungry, tired (BabyW had a party all night long- Mommy wasn't invited) pregnant girl cry, you hag! Dear, dear husband is trying to console me the whole long 7-minute drive to the hospital- and “!!!I don’t freakin’ know!!!” is not really sufficing for “What’s wrong?….”

At the lab they administer a 50g dose of said nasty crap- great, at least this time it’s lime-flavored humming bird food. The tech wasn’t amused when I asked for my shot of tequila as a chaser…. “Come back in an hour to have your blood drawn and oh yeah, don’t leave the hospital.” Fun. And I didn’t even get a Scooby band-aid or lollipop. But, it’s amazing what pancakes can do to elevate my mood!
…and I passed the test- phew- no 3-hour one for me this time. YAY. Excuse me as I go have a Snickers….

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