This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

July 14, 2009

I Am a Zoo....

I've progressed from being the walking science experiment to my very own private zoo. Do you know those little flip books that have the three little sections that you can flip around and make funny-looking characters? That's me when I look in the mirror!

  • Duck- I waddle when I walk.... not by choice.. Quack, quack

  • Whale- I am beginning to feel like a beached whale..... ugh and the baby is just starting to 'bulk' up for delivery!

  • Orangutan- fruit- that is my craving- all the time- I therefore am a frugivore. Orangutans' diet is 65 to 90% fruit, I, however do not like bark. I also posess great intellect! LOL! BabyW is going to come out with seeds all over her, or DH says looking a bit like a Fruit-of-the-Loom character! LOL

  • Cat- If only I could nap all the time (I envy that they can curl up in a little ball) and although not by choice am nocturnal

  • Horse- Have to sleep standing up!

  • Giraffe- I have to assume a giraffe pose to bend over to pick something up

  • Elephant- Although it has only been 8 months, it feels as if it will be the elephants' standard 22-month pregnancy- hopefully BabyW will not weigh 250 lbs and be 32" long! Holy Animal Kingdom Batman!

  • Gremlin- Feed me every two hours, but never, ever after midnite (heartburn!)..... and if I don't eat, and turn pregzilla- it's a bit like Spike and his bad gremlins have taken over!

But, please, don't mistake me for a PETTING zoo- do not touch the belly. I am not (although beginning to mildly resemble) Buddha and will not bring you good luck if you rub me.

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