This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

July 13, 2009

Ketchup... Catsup... Catch-up! ( :

I feel like I have been whipped through a tornado these past 10 days. And it’s going to keep going….. there is so much to do before BabyW comes and joins us, and most have to do with her, but some don’t but unfortunately, I can’t just be pregnant and do nothing else. Life is still happening around me, whether I want it to or not! ( :

We had our “Late Pregnancy & Hospital Tour” class on the 30th. (Yes, ANOTHER class!) Of course, they make you sit through all of the educational crap prior to the tour at the end (smart people, I do the same when I have my training classes!). Actually the info wasn’t as boring as the “Early Pregnancy” class, but I could have done without the video (think it was filmed in the early 80’s…) on delivery and recovery. (No, not the labor and delivering the baby- that’s online and I don’t even want to go there!) All I remember is that I will likely be sitting on ice packs and mattress pad-sized ‘sanitary’ napkins for weeks after BabyW hatches. Sexy. And apparently my bladder is much smaller than the other pregnant ladies attending! So, the hospital rocks! We will have our own Labor & Delivery suite complete with a DVD player and sports-free TV (lol honey!)- it even has a private bathroom with a shower and sleeping couch. They have 24-hour visitor access even. My only weird thing is that there is a mirror so the mommy-to-be (that’s me!) can watch the delivery- no thanks- I’d actually prefer if they could just knock my arse out and wake me up with she’s here! Even recovery still has private rooms…. Well this remains to be seen if that will be the case in late August! There really isn’t a ‘nursery’ because the babies room in with their parents so we only go to see one newborn- a little boy- as we were waiting to access one of the areas (everything is under very high security). The entire group was totally quiet. Me too- I’m thinking, “Holy crap, one of those has to come out of me, and it looked much bigger than the opening currently is!” Our next class will be “Newborn Care” next week- I’m looking forward to learning how to interact with my infant because at this point, I’m not sure what to expect. (I secretly pulled out one to the teeny tiny diapers and tried to put it on Mickey Mouse- umm…. The stickie tabs were stuck to it’s fur and the diaper was still dangling. That was an inanimate object, I can only imagine how it will be on BabyW when she is moving and crying…. Maybe I should practice on Jenxie- here kitty, kitty…)

We also drove to my mom’s the weekend over the 4th- that is the one time of year that I get totally and completely homesick for my Podunk town I grew up in. It’s 328 miles away- a nearly 7 hour drive and a bit uncomfortable while preggers. Luckily our rental was spacious and great for a road trip and the anti-lock breaks came in so handy when a deer decided to try to cross the highway in front of us. (My DH definitely did not get his license out of a Cracker Jack box!) That was a bit scary and we had to stop for a short break after all the adrenaline woke up BabyW and I had a mild bout of Braxton-Hicks.
I got to see all of my cousins on my mom’s side of the family, eat and hang out and party at my baby shower. (The 4th just isn’t so without jello shots!) It was also very exhausting, and we are done with road trips- I’m not supposed to travel very far from Sacramento after 32 weeks.

Last week was spent recuperating from the road trip, the ‘office’ baby shower, family time and trying to get my head around the impending arrival of BabyW. It’s approaching fast- September 6th seems like awhile away, but 6-8 weeks doesn’t! ( :

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