This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

July 27, 2009

.... And a Little Mustard for the Ketchup....

...yes, playing catch-up again!
(that's for you honey.... he puts mustard on EVERYTHING!)

I’ve not forgotten blogland, it's just these past few weeks have been busy, busy- and I’m trying to just managing eating and working let alone keeping this updated. The good news is that life is finally slowing down this week and I am looking forward to a little break!!!!

We had a regularly scheduled OB appointment on the 15th and it was cancelled- but we didn’t find out until after we go there! Ugh- talk about frustrating! Furthermore, they didn’t seem very concerned once I talked to the triage nurse that the next appointment wouldn’t be until I hit 36weeks! Needless to say, I was concerned and managed to book another appointment (although w/ a diff OB) for the 17th . I’ve been having serious Braxton-Hicks since early last week due to the heat and impending anxiety. One contraction had my baby belly tight for nearly 40 minutes- not so comfy! Jason couldn’t go (thank goodness, I actually had to have an “exam” done for the first time since very early on and I’m trying to maintain a shred of ladylike dignity in front of dear hubby- yes, I know that will fly out the window half-way through labor, but give me a few more weeks!). The good news? No dilation. Bad news? She is a big baby already- about 18” long and 6# already and she has about another five weeks to grow. Holy 9# toddler! So, all is well- so far!

After the appointment, I had a girls’ afternoon planned with my friend Kindle who flew in from Georgia (y’all) for the baby shower. We had a leisurely lunch, got pedis (my polka dot toes kinda look like cartoon mushrooms- and not because they are swollen!!!!) and went shopping- fun! Now how mean is this- she and her parents placed bets on how long I would last for the afternoon; and I was wiped out at 5:30! Nothin’ like hauling around a big ol’ preggers belly to end a fun day out! ( :

Kindle and I

and 'smurf mushroom' pedicure!

Not to mention I had to rest up for the big baby shower the next day (the 18th) at Dad & Stepmomsters hosted by her and BFF Leah!

Jason and I have been on the hunt for a glider/ rocker for the nursery- GrammaH did give us $$ to spend, but I wanted to try to save a little green (the environment- by recycling and money by not buying retail!) and get one from either a yard sale or craigslist. So we got up early (pre-baby shower) on Saturday to hit a few yard sales off of Craigslist that listed gliders…. Needless to say I am in love with craigslist! Unfortunately we didn’t find what I wanted and the few C/L ads that I’ve inquired about have already sold. Oh, and I discovered a petpeeve- people that say they are having yard sales- and don’t- it almost ranks right up there with them NOT taking down their signs! LOL.

The shower was very fun- I feel so honored that all of my friends and family have been so generous and caring during my pregnancy journey! It was all one big blur, actually! I am working on a complete baby shower post hopefully that will be up by the end of the week! That’s another reason that I’ve been a bad blogger- trying to finish the nursery and find a home for all of the baby schwag had been an adventure! ( :

(some of the Baby Shower Schwag taking over dining room)

<---- note: Jenxie Cat liking the bassinet!! LOL- he's been sleeping in the bottom shelf of it!

We were also busy visiting with friends and family over the weekend, finishing up classes for our Baby Degree as well as Jason’s “jail time” (he he- community service in lieu of paying $$ for a ticket) and maternity pictures throughout the week. I’m not sure if our classes have earned us a Master’s degree, but I definitely feel like we’ve just graduated from baby college. The week was wrapped up with the Keith Urban concert/ girls night out with Nanette and Erika- those Shirley Temples made it almost impossible to drive home! Phew- I’m EXHAUSTED just reliving the whole week! Time for a nap…..

One of our maternity pictures....

A random Keith Urban pic- great show- comfy seats in a luxury box too! ( :

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