This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

August 9, 2009

BabyW.... Your Nursery is Waiting for You!

Finally! It's finished! After months and months of preparation... in (baby) steps.... of course- the Nursery is done. I guess that you can say that it's on schedule as BabyW isn't here (yet- I'm hoping soon!)... but we did have a bit of a 'episode' during the final evening of work.

This room was the 4th bedroom in our house which happened to be the 'catch-all' room and my pseudo-walk-in closet. Needless to say, just to get it cleaned out and ready took massive motivation and work. Thank goodness that there was 36+ weeks to do it in- LOL- I wish that I would've taken 'before' pictures.
First, the inspiration: finding a crib set that wasn't completely 'cutesy' or smothered in pink- I have a strong aversion to pink when it comes to decor (not the clothes tho.. such cute baby clothes!) and finding something that I liked and wasn't really expensive was difficult. And it started even before we 'officially' found out BabyW was a girl. The one that I wanted was completely discontinued so we ended up with one called: LuLu by Sweet Potato.... and now I am fascinated by the green and purple combo! ( :

Speaking of discontinued.... that seems to be a recurring theme with baby things that I like: the car seat; and the crib and changing table. And for some reason, there weren't many other (reasonably priced) options in a natural wood finish.... but we found something finally!

I think the best thing about the nursery is that it was a labor of love (literally)! GrandmaK bought the furniture: crib and changing table from Penney's, bookshelf from Ikea, and dresser from Craigslist; and GrandpaJ was the skillful carpenter in putting it all together (we're mostly all thumbs with that stuff!). GrandpaD spent a week painstakingly painting the walls and installing the ceiling fan; and then Jason and I spent the last few days hand painting the flowers and decorating.

I think that in addition to it being a family project, the other part of the fun of putting this room together for the baby was the thrill of the deal! Between Craigslist, yard sales and Ikea- the room was completed with a very reasonable budget in mind! The glider we scored for $30 off of Craigslist- despite having to drive to Vacaville for it, the price couldn't be beat! (GrandmaH gave us $175 for one, so she also bought BabyW an activity jumper too!) The glider is in great shape- I just cleaned and sanitized it; washed the cushions and now we're (AuntyNanette- cuz I don't know how to sew!) just recovering them to match the room with fabric (also!) purchased on sale.

And the dresser- well, the dresser. It's called a tower combo and has an optional hutch that goes with it. From BabiesRUs, it was $349- ouch! So we bought one for $260 from JCP- and it was a piece of junk- very disappointing especially with the quality of the changing table and crib from there! So, knowing that they had 'natural finish' wood, I was just going to settle and get a dresser from Ikea, but still had my heart set on the combo. Well, lucky me- another craigslist search found the one in the picture for sale at a nearby yard sale so I went over there first thing and grabbed it for $100! (Have I said how much I HEART craigslist???) (Might I add: the dresser is already pretty much filled with the cutest baby clothes ever!

The Winnie the Pooh pictures (except the solo Eeyore one) were from yard sales and the polka-dots decals were found on clearance at Ross. One of the flower lights was also a yard sale find and the other from Ikea (I also HEART Ikea!) and the Eeyore lamp was from GrandmaK that we painted to match the scheme. Now, the Eeyore picture? That was a Christmas present from Jason years ago- when I opened it he said it was for our future baby's room... how cute!

Everything was painted to match the colors and... viola...... maybe!

Remember the little mishap that I mentioned earlier in the blog post???

Weeeelll... last Tuesday after our National Night Out Block Party we were going to finish the room- put together the bookcase, and maybe another hours' worth of work. Jason skillfully Ikea'd the bookcase- in record time no less- while watching Shark Week and then my big preggers belly goes and bumped the dresser. That knocked over the glass with the dirty paint water from soaking the paintbrushes.... into the dresser and on the carpet. So, I tossed the already washed baby clothes into the washer; and while cleaning up the little puddles, a quart of nice green paint slipped out of my hand and half of it spilled on the carpet, the closet door, the wall and the side of the dresser. It was already getting late, and I did the only thing an overly hormonal nearly-9 month pregnant lady does: CRY! and cry.... ugh.

It took almost 2-hours of Hoover Steam Cleaner (bless this machine) action to see white carpet again. (And now we can't tell if it's still a bit stained, or it's just super duper clean and the rest of the carpet is dirty!) It was not fun. And to make matters worse, I had my first episode of Cabbage Patch Doll feet and had to sit in a cold bath at 1 a.m. to alleviate the swelling.... not really the way I wanted to end the evening, but, alas... an end... and our little princess' room is (im)patiently awaiting her arrival.

The cat came optional with the changing table....

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