This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

August 7, 2009

Hello, Feet... It's Me Carol....

As difficult as it was to get pregnant with BabyW, I've been 'blessed' with a rather easy pregnancy. Not free from the random and usual symptoms, but pretty easy none the less. I'm sure that there's some good breeding stock somewhere up the genetic line, but tell that to my progesterone-lacking ovaries.....

Sure, I had the morning, I mean, noon, make that ,10-week sickness during the first trimester that was icky (if I would have known that it meant losing nearly 30 pounds, I would have found a way to bottle it to be the next Jenny Craig empire!!). And I was lucky enough to NOT look totally pregnant until about 6 weeks ago, but this just sucks:

I have .....




Yes, I can still see my feet.... and my pedicure looks great! ..... but I almost wish I couldn't! They look like I have marshmallows stuffed under my skin.....and I was wondering what the ER doc said when she told me, "You still have ankles!" Nuh-uh. I have


Not cankles cuz there is still some definition between by legs and feet......

So, it's normal? It's edema.... excess fluid collecting in my tissue (of course- I'm drinking gallons of water a day- what do you expect!) and I'm retaining more water due to my growing uterus.... can this baby belly get ANY bigger? (Yes, every day my profile gains an 1/8 of an inch.... LOL)

It's worse in the 3rd trimester and during the summer.... well, check, third trimester, but it's barely been 85 here lately!

After discovering the enlarged appendages last night, and the fact that my thumb indent was visible minutes later, I simultaneously laughed and cried all the way to go get ice cream. I'm, cancel that, was- rather fond of my feet.... but OMG I really wish I COULDN'T see them now!

And the skin kind of hurts, too! Once I got home, I went to bed at 9 (!) and propped them up as high as I could pile the pillows and covered them with a cool compress... Phew- this morning they looked better..... well, that was this morning- the tankles are back! Please tell me that this will go away soon!?!?!

Says my dear husband.... "I still love you...." Tanks, I mean Thanks....

By the way, BabyW has dropped.... we're getting closer! ( :

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