This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

January 7, 2009

And A Blog is Born!

What is it about the two little lines on that stick that turns nearly every woman into a harried, worried and tired, walking, talking science experiment? One that make you feel as if you can't get enough information about the miracle that is pregnancy? Sure enough- my test said "Yep" and off I run to the bookstore to scour the shelves to find the perfect pregnancy encyclopedias. Not only to the bookstore, but I also bookmarked no less than eight websites for advice and knowledge. You would think that it really did require a user manual to be a pregnant woman! It's hard to believe that millions of women have had healthy babies and prego journeys for hundreds of years without so much as a manual!

I am currently 5 weeks, 3 days along- and you are thinking- she found out early!! Yes, I did. My period technically wasn't even late but, my husband (now referred to as DH) and I have been trying for over three years, and I was diagnosed with some minor fertility issues and we conceived Baby W with the help of Clomid through the fertility clinic at Kaiser. So needless to say that we were very aware of what was going on and I took the first opportunity to tinkle on a stick to find out. I've also had several miscarriages and although I am cautiously optimistic, I have a good feeling about this time around. (**Send good thoughts!**) We deserve this little bean. I can't tell you how hard it was every time I heard the word pregnant or even saw a pregnant person for the last few years. It just wasn't fair! I feel for anyone that is going through problems trying to conceive their children; I can relate. And now I'm excited to relate to pregnant ladies and join the Mommy Club. So, I hope that if you are reading this you find this entertaining and even educational- I'll try to refrain from too much information (TMI)! Thanks for stopping by.
~Pregnant Chick and Soon to Be Mommy, Carol~

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