This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

January 15, 2009

Spin the Wheel and Win....

... a random symptom or two! So, here we are at nearly 7 weeks and I've had the pleasure of experiencing a wide range of pregnancy-related symptoms. Seriously, it's like a new part of "The Price is Right!" Ladies and dear husband, what random symptom shall we deal Carol today???? Personally, I'd settle for the $1,000 bonus round, but the outcome of this little experiment will be a priceless bundle of joy, right? Yeah.

So, I've been fortunate enough to not have morning (or noon or night) sickness to the extent that I've heard others have had. Mine is more like an unexplainable little feeling in my stomach that goes away if I eat a cracker or two, or whole package for that matter. I'm hoping that that is the bulk of it. But, I'm prepared- with toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash and gum in my purse just in case; and of course the box of Nilla Wafers is patiently sitting by my bed (hoping to be turned into a trifle in about 6 more weeks!) This little feeling hit last Saturday, just about exactly at the 6 week mark. I felt like I was constantly eating- it might have also been the altitude as I was attending a conference in Denver! Speaking of food....

So the first two weeks, I couldn't get enough to eat- and I was ravenous when I did eat. Now, the thought of food turns my stomach. What sounded good two minutes ago doesn't so much anymore! Cereal is my trusty friend. I was almost in tears the other night when my dear husband (DH) tried to force me to eat. Oh, and I am a morning-cup 'o joe- fiend- my usual Venti Sugar Free Vanilla Latte is no more. Partially because of cutting down on the caffeine- the doctor says to keep the intake as low as possible, but I can have a minimal amount- but also because coffee just doesn't always taste good. Now, this is to the bewilderment of my DH who thought he would never see the day that he is the Star-biz-uck's regular, not I! (Me too!) Also helps in saving a little $$, but c'mon- that's my only vice left! (Should I trade it in for weekly pedis???) So, there have been a few cravings- ice cream, an In-N-Out cheesburger once (extra pickles!), and lots of veggies. I love veggies right now. Mostly, I've been relying on cereal and PB&J sandwiches- anything that is easy on the tummy! I think this child is going to be a picky eater... LOL.

I would have to say that fatigue is the worst thing to deal with- it makes everything just a tiny bit harder to accomplish. (And alas, no caffeine to help with energy!) Well, there is alot going on at work- moving into a new office with absolutely no help, launching a two-week long training class, and trying to juggle four new projects on top of a daily commute that had doubled- so absolutely nothing is getting done at home. I have a reserve of energy only about two hours long once I get home, and it quickly fades. Mind you, I was a night owl before- not so much anymore- I'm in PJ's once I hit the door and in bed fast asleep by 9:30 tops! Thank goodness for my DH who is taking over so much of the responsibilty for right now- I awoke to a sparkling clean kitchen the other night- yay! Oh, and let's not even talk about the two days within the past few weeks that were spent sleeping- all day! Not a marching band nor a forest fire kept me awake! It's amazing how this little being takes control of your body- oh how we'll see when BabyW actaully arrives!

So aside from above, the occasional headache or sore back, the tendency to cry when someone just says hello, my favorite random symptom has been the cold sores and dealing with the 'girls' if you know what I mean! I've suffered from cold sores as long as I can remember but for crying out loud hormones- do you have to unleash your wrath on my lips all at the same dang time! Oh but I fight back- Abreva and this new kick-a$$ topical medicine I found at Safeway, along with rubbing alcohol- it hurts crazy, but these cold sores are so wrong.... anyways, I've pretty much had one non-stop since I found out we were expecting. Probably the hormones, the fatigue, stress, you name it. Note to self to ask the doctor if lysine and acyclovir is safe. ... oh, and about the 'girls,' I've had to wear a bra non-stop to help alleviate some of the tenderness which has led to a rash. See what I mean- random stuff? I know that once lil Baby W comes, none of this will matter, but it's so much fun to reminice on!
I'm also noting all of this in my Belly Book- the cartoon on the cover says Hello Belly, Good Bye Feet! Cute! So, until the Wheel 'o Symptoms spins again.....

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