This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

April 8, 2009

It's a Boy!

Just kidding- but our newest addition to the family is a boy, just not BabyW!

Okay, so this post is a bit overdue but the week that "Jenxie" arrived was rather hectic in getting ready for the community yard sale and trying to fit 15 weeks worth of pregnancy induced lack of productivity into a few days! So, as you know from an earlier post, sadly our little BooBoo died the first week of March. He was a rather cool cat and I still shed a tear every once in awhile for the little guy. Although I adore Dusty, the senior kitty of the brood, and BooBoo's daddy, he is more like a throw pillow with legs. He sleeps and eats and meows every now and then.... ahhh the life of a cat! So, just a few days after our anniversary I was sitting outside enjoying some early Spring sunshine and reading the paper and I come across a huge ad for Happy Tails, a local feline sanctuary. They were having later hours during their fundraiser, and being familiar with the organization (my friend Jenn used to volunteer there and they adopt out at PetSmart) I wanted to go by and 'see.' Well, this trip resulted in a new addition to the Waggoner family- Mister Jenxamillion. He's a male 3-year old Balinese cat and he's lovely!
The selection process was rather difficult- with 40+ available cats of all shapes, colors and temperaments, we wanted to make sure we picked the perfect one. This organization is a no-cage shelter (except for the sick ones) and is also a no-kill shelter and is pretty cool!
We knew we wanted a male cat, although there were two lovely little females- one called BettyBoop that loved Jason but she was a bit older than we wanted, and another, Chante, that was on the short list until she went psycho on another cat!
Initially, I spied "Milo" because he was beautiful, but with the long hair (allergies!) we kept looking. After 90 minutes of deciding, Milo was the one. When I picked him up at first, he just kind of looked at me and reached out his head to be scratched and then when he got down and there were a few cats fighting around him, he didn't even pay attention. Mellow- cool.
Milo got to have his own room for exactly two days- which is about as long as either Jason or I, or the cat could handle it. He didn't really mind the other animals but was still a bit timid but friendly. (Needless to say, that didn’t last long, Jenx is now curled up at the foot of the bed sleeping!) And he stayed upstairs for the first week, but it’s been exactly two weeks and he’s made himself quite at home. He’s very nocturnal though- he likes to meow and play around 1 a.m. (I guess he’s getting us ready for BabyW!) and wants attention at the same time. He follows you around like a dog and is very talkative (he’s got a great meow!) and loves to be at eye level with you; very relaxed and also likes our other animals (although they are still getting used to him!). His fur is as soft as silk and his beautiful blue eyes are so crossed that it makes you giggle! I have to say that there will never be another kitty like Boo, and Jenxie is not a replacement for but he is doing a pretty good job of filling our hearts already!

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