This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

May 29, 2009

Shyner Dog, Part Five and First Bad Mommy Freakout

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"I can't believe I ate...the... whole... thing..."

So, my sweet little first born doggie: AKA: Princess Conehead (that was from ear surgery. each. ear. surgery.!); Stinky; Shynnie Shyn; the Scavanger... yes, the Scavanger. Despite her petite 34# frame, she has a tendency to take off a finger or two during treat time! And she also thinks that everything left at her level is yummy. (The package of tissue paper 'snow' was very fun to clean up.) Always has- that's when I first knew Jason was a keeper-Shyner got into a box of chocolate-covered cherries and ate the entire thing- and then decorated my nice white carpet- but he helped me clean it up! ( ;

On Wednesday, I was running late for work and didn't pick up the bottle of medicine on the ground. "It's medicine, in a child-proof bottle that I have a hard time opening with my opposoble thumbs!/ I have to smear peanutbutter on it to administer it to Shyner anyways/ Oh, it hurts to bend over..." Big Mistake. Very Expensive Big Mistake. Poor Furbaby. Poorer Parents, literally. Don't remind me, I feel bad enough as it is. Thanks.

It's now 5:30 p.m. and Jason calls me and wants to know how many pills were in the bottle- I don't freakin' know- I'm not there! Why? There are piles of puppy purge everywhere and an EMPTY bottle with the lid chewed off in the middle of the living room. Ugh. This is also the $75 bottle of Vetmedin- her heart medicine. I get home a few minutes later to less of a mess than he did (thank you, honey!) and immediately called the vet from the VIP Batphone which we have a personal number to because we are such great customers. HA HA. Of the three medicines that she is taking, this is the one that is extremely toxic in any doses other than the prescribed one- which is 1/2 a pill, twice a day. I deduced that she ate, oh, about 25!!!!!!! So I rush her off to the 24-hr emergency vet that is 15 miles away during the height of rush hour. (Did I mention that being pregnant makes my blood boil when I drive?) Oh the way there she is shaking and having a hard time breathing. DogMom is crying. It's not a good scene.

Once I get to the vet, they take her back and I wait, and wait. The vet, who is super sweet, comes out and says that she has to call Animal Poison Control and needs my credit card for the $85 consult that APC charges. Lovely. It takes over an hour for the evaluation before the vet comes out to tell me that she's sick. DUH. Well, that's how I translated it- I was upset, and I'm nearly 6-1/2 months pregnant (= emotional!) so I couldn't really tell you what she said. "Heart pumping faster, blah, blah, constricting blood vessels, yada yada, IV, charcoal...overnight stay.... $$$$$$" I had Jason call her back when I was on my way home so he could here the verdict straight from her. Basically: she's a senior dog with a bad heart- if she makes it through the night- which is very, very likely because she apparently ate the pills earlier and had passed the four hour peak of the effects- she'll be fine. (I think she had a really good trip for lunch!) Needless to say it was still very upsetting and I feel totally guilty for it (will I be a bad mom? wait, don't answer that...) and we are much, much lighter in our bank account (this is on top of the $700 or $800 we just spent on her 30 days ago. Ugh.). I didn't sleep very well on Wednesay night- it was a bad day (thank you Lakers for winning so at least Jason could have some happiness... did I really just say that?). Shyner is just fine. She is a very, very strong pup with a big heart and a strong will to live! She's spoiled and knows it! She's also very priceless- really priceless- I shudder when I try to add it up, so just take my word for it!

Moral of the story: Slow down; if pets or kids think it looks like fun and probably know they shouldn't get into 'it,' they will, so put it away... okay, maybe I will be a good mom......

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