This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

September 21, 2009

Every Day is A "First"

Having a newborn means usually means that your days and nights are filled with hundreds of diaper changes, lack of sleep and trying to find an outfit  that doesn’t highlight the spit-up (for you AND the baby); it also means that you are encountering “firsts” on nearly a daily basis.

Encountering these ‘firsts’ are comparable to a roller coaster ride- 99.8% of the time, you’re laughing and filled with joy, and the other .2%, you’re crying right along with the baby. It’s amazing that five short weeks have gone by so quickly (trust me, the last time I looked at the clock, it was 10:30 a.m. and now it’s 1 p.m.?), but Kiera is a time consuming project. On what I spend so much time doing, I’m not quite so sure, but the days often fly by. I’m quite happy to sit and hold her while the dust bunnies dance in the corner of the entryway; I know she will only be this little once; and I especially am going to take advantage of the time that I can play with Kiera while she is awake! So what milestones of ‘firsts’ have we encountered so far?

The first time:

• You see them when they are born (even the first ultrasound pictures are pretty cool!)

• The first diaper change (ummmm, THANK YOU Jason for changing ALL of the diapers her first three days!- meaning I didn’t have to witness the “tar poo!”)

• She gets her First visitor (G’ma Karen!) at the hospital

• I saw her with her eyes open (I cried my own eyes out- hormones much??? And freaked out my poor little nephew…)

• MY First shower after going through childbirth (ha! Just thought I’d throw that one in for good measure- I never thought a shower would feel so awesome!)

• Hearing a little baby sneeze (she sneezes like me- often three or more in a row!)

• First car ride (home from the hospital) (about how long will Mommy quit riding in the back seat with the baby??)

• Going on a “Field Trip” (if the trip to the pediatrician didn’t count, then the trip to go see Christy did- every trip out with a newborn is an adventure)

• Taking her Shopping (we had to take her to Kohl’s to try to find clothes that fit her- being so tiny and between Preemie and Newborn sizes- was a guessing game!)

• Smile (um, no, I really don’t think it’s gas…. She’s a HAPPY baby!)

• You put them in a complete outfit that’s NOT a onesie- talk about a photo opp- this kid is going to be a fashionista for sure!

• Meeting the great grandparents

• Giving Her a Bath

  • Hearing her "coo" and "talk"- I just wish that I could understand what she's saying (possibly, more formula please?)

And then there are the not-so-good moments:

• Mommy’s first day on her own (after grandma H went back home and Daddy went back to work)

• Witnessing spit-up pouring from every orifice on her face (I was so freaked out- it was at the hospital- and the nurse was good at calming BOTH of us down!)

• Total melt down (there have been a few, but it’s amazing what a paccie and a running shower can do for her temperament)

• Mommy’s first time venturing out on her own without Daddy’s help- it was to meet Daddy for lunch and took nearly an hour to make a 15 minute trip

And then of course them moments yet to come:

• First Halloween… then Thanksgiving, and Christmas!

• Solid Food

• Time Mommy has to go back to work after Maternity Leave- which one of us will have the separation anxiety??

• Playdate

• Tooth (um, teething, I’m sure can be considered in the not-so-good moments)

• Day of school

• Date

• Argument over bedtime, curfew… friends, boyfriends, skirts that are too short, No- you CANNOT have a tattoo

But my favorite first by far is realizing that it’s no longer a Me and You, but instead “us,” A FAMILY- that’s pretty dang cool and something that I can’t quite do justice describing and makes everything so worthwhile and your purpose in life so different!

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