This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

March 16, 2009

Do You Know How Hard It Is To Find Non-Pink Nursery Stuff????

Okay you're going to say that until the baby arrives, there's always a chance of it being opposite of what *they* say. I know, but I have to say that this 'mother's intuition' here is positive that it's a girl- and the last ultrasound, the NP said that there was a likely chance that BabyW is a girl. The needle/ thread test worked four times that it's a girl, and bordering on TMI, so does my ovulation chart! LOL

There are those that say, "I just want a healthy baby," but I know that's a load of baby poo- if most women are like me, they are leaning towards wanting one gender over the other. Though, biologically I know it's a hard fact to change once you're little egglet is fertilized. I want a girl. Will I be disappointed if BabyW bucks mommy's intution and comes out with franks and beans, maybe for a brief fleeting moment. (My DH is just making sure that I don't get too disappointed if that is the case...) BUT, I can just feel it..... not to mention I've heard a random comment from multiple people: oh, you had bad morning sickness- it's a girl; your nose isn't flattening out (WTH!)- it's a girl; your it's a girl! Thanks for the encouraging words! We should be able to confirm next week after the required genetic testing that us 'old' freaky moms-to-be have to go through if we are going to be 35 when we deliver! (WTH- again!) So, getting to the point of my rant? I have an idea of what I want for the nursery- and it does not involve pink in any way, shape or form. Do you know how hard it is to find a crib set (not that I am going to get it now anyways!) that doesn't include pink? There are the very vague neutrals that obviously don't, but I want polka dots and those, my friends, have a shade of pink in them somewhere. I did find a set that I did gravitate to- YAY!- but guess what- it's freakin' discontinued! Probably a good thing since it's also around the neighborhood of $300 for a bumper, quilt, sheet and ruffly thingy..... probably has some gold in it somewhere too. This is one way to make a preggers woman cry! I might be even be able to be talked out of the polka dots if there is something else that catches my attention, but it has to not be all frou-frouy- and definately NO PINK!

Here's the colors that I want:

Lavender, sage, and tan....

Here's what I found that I kind of think is cute: (and is discontinued!)
BWAH! I probably wouldn't go with all of the matching stuff though.... and so the hunt is on for something not in PINK.....


  1. OMG I love the lavender, sage and tan. What man (love you Jason) descided to discontinue this set? I can't wait until you have more updates.

  2. Kindle says she thinks that I (me) need to make the set my own.... the thought of me and a sewing maching is scary....

  3. well I am definitely having a boy and let me tell you the anti-pink difficulty is not as overwhelming as the needing not girl period difficulty. (I also want a girl) EVERYWHERE is almost nothing but girl stuff! UGH!!!!! Makes it very hard to be excited about a boy-------though REALLY I do want a healthy baby boy more than an unhealthy girl, it's hard to let go of the girl dream.
    Good Luck getting your discontinued stuff or some other lavender/sage/no pink stuff!

  4. Hello, this is your blog calling asking for a new update :)


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