This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

March 2, 2009

The End of the Beginning- 13 weeks!

Today marks 13 weeks in the Life of a Pregnant Chick. I have to say that it's been memorable.... and that word sounds as vague as I am intending it to! My intent of this blog was to muse daily on whatever symptoms the Wheel 'o Preggo dealt me for the day, BUT that was sidelined by the only two things that I could really do: work and sleep (well, I wish work could have been optional- but there's bills to pay!)- so I'm going to do a little wrap-up and then hopefully the second trimester will be a bit more blog-friendly!

For the first few days once we found out, we were just kindof in amazment that we were finally preggers..... and then I spent about a week ravenously hungry (that doesn't last long!) and tired (I think I may have even attempted to sleep-eat!) and then this level of exhaustion set in that I can't even begin to explain. (Our next door neighbors' just had a baby on Feb. 10th and she says now she is really tired!) I spent the next few weeks just sleeping when I wasn't working... and there were a few times that I had to go out and take a nap in the car! Wake up, get ready for work, drive to work while attempting to not fall asleep, work, nap, work, drive home, sit down on couch, fall asleep, go to bed, rinse and repeat.... I ate a few times here and there! (My dear husband just kind of checked my breathing every now and then!)

Now comes mid-January and the "morning" sickness sets in- I want to know what sick and twisted individual called it morning sickness!!??!! I rarely had it in the morning, but in the afternoon, evening and night. I remember a few times that I woke up from a dead sleep with this random overwhelming feeling of nausea. Every afternoon I would just start feeling like dookie (a scientifically accurate word, of course!) and my appetite took a nose dive. The thought of eating made me feel ill, but if I didn't nibble on something then I would be really sick. Such a vicious little circle, and I started to call the baby picky little thing because nothing made her happy! I slept alot to stave off the nausea- if I was sleeping- I didn't get sick. I do have to say on the plus side, that all of this has helped me lose over 15 lbs! I could write a best-selling book on the new Pregnancy Diet.

Okay, before I ramble much more, let me say that I am overjoyed to be having this baby- we've been waiting for so long; but the first trimester sucks! I know, I know it will get better- but every day feels so loooong! So the nausea has subsided a bit in the last week or so- realative to weeks 6-10, but that has been replaced by a killer a.m. headache, fatigue and insomnia. How the heck can those two go together! LOL. I know in the end this will all be worth it and I will read back and laugh, but holy moly girlfriend! And of course she is the reason why:

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