This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

May 2, 2009

Dear Blog: Even Mommy Author Pregnant Chicks Can Have a Vacation!

I believe this is a first- I've been called out by my 'anonymous' blog because I've been missed... somehow I think that the blog's initials might be KL... but that's just a hunch.... I decided to take a little vacation from writing; not for lack of material but GrammaH (aka "Mom") was visiting for two weeks. We were busy, ahem.... she, was busy cleaning and organizing and of course, cooking (my dear hubby was so excited to taste home cooked food again- I've been averaging cooking about once every three weeks! ) ( : My otherwise free time was spent as quality time with Mom- much needed! And now without further delay, I'm back!

The last few weeks have been without 'suffering' pregnancy symptoms- I feel great in fact. I've been told by a few people that pregnancy becomes me- um, okay, thanks-I think? I have a bit more energy, headaches are far and few between, and my appetite is slowly returning.... although BabyW really tends to lean towards the carbs! BabyW is actually developing quite the personality and is extraordinarily active- and thank goodness, not just at 3 a.m. anymore! This past week she has tried out for the Rockettes, won a wrestling match with my kidneys, has perfected a gold medal trampoline act performed on my bladder and decided that she likes soccer. I think she might be going through a little growth spurt as it seems thats when I get tired. I officially am beginning to look pregnant and at 5-1/2 months I guess I shouldn't be complaining! Although I'm still in my regular clothes, that hasn't prevented me from buying some cute maternity clothes! I'm still relatively comfortable but am losing my full range of motion when it comes to bending; sometimes I do have a hard time getting comfortable sleeping though. We're over the half-way mark! ( :

I know that all of you BabyW fans have been waiting for updated pictures, and I'm happy to oblige! Here are a few choice shots from our ultrasound on April 23rd. Again, they confirmed that she's a girl! If not, the crib bedding choice and all of the adorable clothes are going to cause a little problem! Nitey nite blog world- it's past my bedtime (10 p.m. on a Saturday... and to think all of those spring chickens are just going out.... like me in a former life- LOL!)

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