This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

May 6, 2009

Food Fun with BabyW

Is there such a thing as 7/8th’s vegetarian? If so, sign me up. I can’t say that I’m a 100% veggieasaurus, but meat definitely is not my cup of tea these days thanks in part to BabyW. Now mind you that I wasn’t a terribly picky eater PP (pre-prego chick) but I did have my likes and dislikes- mashed potatoes & gravy, pasta, Peeps, and a daily shot of caffeine rank high on my faves list while onions, pizza and liver (duh!) are on my icky list. The hormones and daily changes as the result of hatching BabyW has now made me a very finicky eater!

For the first 15 weeks, I can say that coffee turned my stomach- good for the development of baby and the budget without a daily run to the local Starbizuck’s (but now I have returned to regular dosings of my favorite Medium Non-fat Sugar-free Vanilla Latte, especially from Peet’s!). Okay peanut gallery- pipe down! The doctor says 100mg or under of caffeine is okay… my drink is certainly under that and I limit all other sources… so there. Besides, have you ever seen me without my coffee???

I digress. I no longer have morning sickness (although when driving by an In-N-Out, I have strong recollections of Weeks 6-15) but finding a food that appeals to BabyW is a challenge. My appetite is increasing- not to those levels yet that I hear pregnant women are usually famous for- but enough that it takes more than smoothies and Sugar Smacks to sustain us. And to add to the challenge- what sounded good when I ordered it at the restaurant, is no longer the power pellet of choice once it arrives to the table. Hence the half-eaten Cheesecake Factory salad in my fridge. It’s also hard to manage a well-balanced diet. Thank goodness that I still crave healthy things… the half bag of gourmet caramel corn and carrot sticks that BabyW had for lunch yesterday were certainly a lifesaver! And PP, I loved cooking, but can you imagine how fun it is too cook in this state? Who ever came up with that label "barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen" was clearly delirious. Bless you dear husband for surviving these non-cooking days (kinda reminds you of when we were dating, huh?) ( ;

Mom offered to cook my birthday dinner last week of my favorite chicken-fried steak, mashed taters and gravy and etc. Then as BabyW not-so-gently bumped around, I was reminded that it might not be a good idea. So I placed an order of beef stroganoff- at least I could pick around the meat- I managed to eat about two chunks of meat (see? 7/8ths veggiesaurus) before I started Plan B. At least everyone else enjoyed the stroganoff! ( :
The week prior we went to Benihana’s which ranks high on the list of special occasion restaurants and I LOVE their fried rice. YUM. Usually I order filet mignon- um, the veggie delite just pales in comparison. But it was fun watching it steam on the grill while the big old bubble inflated as it cooked. Definitely not worth the price. I nibbled on a bit of Jason’s filet, and it wasn’t so appealing this time (thanks, BabyW), neither were mushrooms, which I formerly loved…. but the rice…. Did I mention the rice?

So, what's for lunch today... no telling, but I do have a feeling that it won't consist of meat (Veggie sandwiches rankshigh on my food list now) and I'm sure this child is going to come out with a sweet tooth like nobody’s business! (That is definately from Daddy!)

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