This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

May 29, 2009

Tackling the Home Projects

Wow- we’re almost down to the double-digit countdown! 14 weeks may sound like a lot of time before BabyW arrives, but there is so much to do still….. and I, of course, think that it all has to be done yesterday.... breathe, Carol, breathe! (Maybe Lamaze would come in handy now??) And to reference the time necessary: it’s taken over two weeks just to get the baby’s room cleaned out to a point where we can walk through it. Hey- it was a spare room with a closed door- a perfect hiding place for seasonal clothes, craft supplies, luggage…etc. and there was a futon and some random furniture in there too under the piles. My hubby said he's never seen the floor in there- ha ha! Well, like I said: closed door= out of sight, out of mind! But with the baby’s rapidly approching arrival it was finally the time to tackle it (read: before I get too puffy and uncomfy).

Mind you that this project wasn't just cleaning, it also spilled into other rooms as well- we had to organize the garage (Thank goodness that Mom (and her friend Shirley) was here when we first cleaned the garage- it was a project in itself that required several people who worked for beer and pizza!) to make room for some of the stuff, as well as find a way to turn the downstairs office into the “office/craft room.” But beyond the nursery door loomed a monster that was going to be hard to tame… it started back in March with preparing for the annual yard sale… and it’s time to finish. So instead of using every single waking weekend hour, Jason and I instituted a “45-minutes a day” rule to try to tackle the projects. Most days we are really good about checking this off the to-do list and it’s helping!

The office required another solution on its own- the closet was a boring closet that lacked adequate storage space for everything that I couldn’t quite part with. With a trip (er, several- you know that a DIY project never requires just one trip to the HD) to Home Depot for a modular system and a full weeks’ worth of work, we now have a very efficient room that we are proud of! And I’m totally excited because I can actually do my crafts again (beading, stamping and scrap booking- well, card making. I’m soon to have THE best reason to start scrap booking though!) and play with my Cricut Expression! YAY! BFF Leah came over yesterday to inspect the project and gave it her seal of approval- especially impressed that things were even labeled! Um, if I don’t write things down now, the baby brain automatically deletes them! Besides I figure the more organized I am before BabyW joins us, the better off I will be.

(I just had to share the "after" picture!
I'm too embarrassed to show you the before
picture though, so just use your imagination!)

Now, we are finally on to stage five (out of 6? 10? Huh?) we just have to finish the master closet to get the rest of the miscellany (shoes & purses!) out of the baby’s room- see, told you it was overwhelming! I’m hoping that this weekend we will get to paint the future nursery- and that most likely also means the hallway and guest bathroom! The last major project then will be to paint and rearrange our bedroom… and… and… it’s never-ending, but I have that “nesting” urge and want to get it all done. Well, see. Hey, it's not just me--- there are some of my virtual peeps that are also due in September that have their nurseries completely done and even the cute little clothes hung in the closet. I’m behind the curve on that one- we haven’t even picked out the furniture yet. Oh but just wait until we have to put together the baby furniture- that should be interesting- perhaps our next blog video. LOL! Happy Friday!

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