This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

May 26, 2009

Shopping While Pregnant Can Be Dangerous to Your Health...

It’s happened…. I knew it would, but that didn’t cushion the shock any less. I put on my favorite pair of denim shorts (to enjoy the toasty weather...of course I do have to say that the fact that we've had two days that were over 100 degrees in mid-May is not very comforting for someone that is going to go through high summer in their third trimester!) and I couldn’t fasten them- at all! The old rubber band in the button trick didn’t even work. Well, I could but breathing was completely optional then…. I’ve been able to wear most of my pre-preggo wardrobe up until now and have enjoyed “trying” out new maternity clothes (Mom says: “you’ll get sick of those soon enough, you should avoid them while you can.” Smart woman- hope BabyW takes after her!) From here on out, I have a feeling that my daily outfits will consist of those clothes that can fit my growing (and growing…) tummy. At least those clothes are cute, but I have to agree with mom at this point that I will be happy to ditch the maternity clothes soon enough. I read somewhere along the way (while I was still reading the pregnancy books- more about that later!) that you should just box up all of your ‘regular’ clothes and revisit them about four months after the baby is born. I’ve done that with most of my seasonal clothes in preparation for BabyW’s arrival. (The baby’s room is going to be in the room that was formerly another walk-in closet/ catch-all room since we moved into this house) But I wasn’t prepared to do that with the rest of my wardrobe; and my dear hubby would have to say that I am the Immelda Marcos of the clothes world. I love a good deal and hardly pay full price, but I never quite grasped that concept of the “one in, one out rule” with my purchases!

So this little run-in with my shorts…. I swear I didn’t shed a tear. Or even throw a pregzilla tantrum! It did mean one thing… shopping for shorts! To any normal woman, a shopping trip might be fun, but add on a few extra inches and hormones, and it’s a crisis. I couldn’t go for the maternity shorts though; the ‘secret hidden panels’ that really aren’t so hidden or secret are made out of polyester and is scratchy. Not to mention, if you throw bridal/wedding or maternity in front of anything in the retail world, it automatically jacks the price up 30%! I was on the hunt for cotton shorts with a stretchy draw-string waistband… I bought a pair at Kohl’s but after wearing them once, they definitely won’t fit the bill for the rest of the hot summer. So here comes the scavenger hunt: Old Navy- nope; Target- nope; Ross- uh-huh; same with Marshall’s, Wal-mart, or Gap. Aargh! You would think that I was looking for a freakin’ Christmas Tree in June! In comes the rescue call from BFF- Lane Bryant- duh! I’ve been shopping there for years! Thankfully there is a Lane Bryant outlet near my work and I finally found some that will work. Crisis averted.

Oh, I won’t even tell you how hard it was to find flat sandals for work- everything has a 2” heel right now. Like I said, shopping is not quite so fun when you’re pregnant unless it’s for baby clothes, but I’m so banned from that right now. BabyW already has three large storage tubs full of clothes- the kid is still in the womb and she’s better dressed that I am! ( :

<--- See, what looks "secret" about that panel? Ugh.

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