This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

This Mommy Runs on Caffeine

May 12, 2009

My "First" Mother's Day and Shopping Fun with BabyW

I’m pregnant! No sh!@? Last week, I woke up and looked in the mirror and I suddenly “look” pregnant. I guess at six months, that’s a good thing developmental wise, but a bit harder to take as far as the more pronounced girth is concerned. (I’m amazed to find that I'm still fitting into a lot of my former clothes; however those are the ones that are from my fluffier days!) Oh, did I mention that I’ve had four people comment on my “belly” in the last two days. Um, do you know that telling a pregnant woman- no matter how politely you try to word it- that she’s beginning to look like a manatee is just not cool? As long as you aren’t in legs’ length so I can kick you, you might be okay, but I can’t promise that I won’t comment on your badonkadonk when you walk away.

So, about that “belly”- it’s obvious that BabyW is developing quite nicely. At 24 weeks, she is likely around 1.3 lbs and about 12 inches long and has a fully developed body. She’s forming taste buds (actually I believe that she’s had those since day one and passed the good fortune on to me!); and is practicing breathing. And she already has quite the personality; oh and she’s a shopper already! Today at Bath and Body Works, it seemed like she squirmed when I was sniffing the scents, she really moved at one in particular. I wasn’t sure if that was a good or bad thing, so I moved right along… kinda funny! Every purchase of late has been chosen by BabyW- I have to say that she is as bargain minded as her mommy (two Coach purses for under $200 <yes, they’re real, the Coach Outlet has an “As Is” bin that rocks!>, six maternity tanks and a pair of capris for under $1 and a new source for my Cricut cartridges for under $30!) Score! Retail therapy definately helps alleviate pregnancy symptoms! ( :

So, Sunday was “sortof” my first Mother’s Day- and BabyW and Daddy ensured that I had a pretty relaxing day- the farmer’s market, chillin’ in the sun, and food…. Except I did have to hear ranting and raving due to both the Dodgers and the Lakers both losing (a present in disguise? LOL) The gifts? The new Patterson book and the most adorable card and a $50 Tar-shay gift card with a note especially from BabyW that said she was sorry for all of the kicking and dancing and that she would give me the day off and knew I would spend part of the g/c on her! ( : Smart kid- she must take after me in that respect! I can’t wait until next year when we get to take official Mommy's Day pictures with three generations! ( :

Actually, I can’t wait to meet her period. I never thought I would enjoy being pregnant, but I can say that the past few weeks have been great- I think until I start getting bigger, it won’t be so bad. The first 15 weeks definitely sucked, and I’m assuming that the last month or so will be uncomfortable, but the end result will be so wonderful. I washed the first load of baby clothes last night; Jason came in and I had to explain why doing the laundry was making me cry! The baby detergent stung my eyes- wink! No, it felt very surreal, after so long of waiting for this baby, it seems like just another milestone. Although, I’m sure in two years, I’ll be crying in frustration at the endless load of her clothes, but oh well! Oh yeah- she’s not even here yet and she has a better wardrobe than me! ( ;
Speaking of laundry… it beckons…. I’ll report back tomorrow after our next OB appointment! Cheers- Preggers Chick

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